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I have worked with Kevin and his company, DMS Building Components, for over 13 years. From our first home to the home we are currently building, Kevin has personally overseen my roof truss and timber truss design and fabrication. He and his team work hand in hand with our architects, engineers and framers to provide an accurate roof, a framer friendly design, and over all cost efficient package for myself and our customers. His fabrication time is exceptional and all of his employees appear more focused on our relationship and a quality product than the quantity we build.

They are part of our family and I look forward to the many years of continued success working together.

Barbara E. Keller
President / Owner – Barbara E. McGrath Custom Homes

I’ve worked hand in hand with DMS and Kevin for over five years on timber projects. I’ve also been setting DMS trusses for over ten years and there’s nobody out there with better quality, communication, and attention to detail than DMS. If it were up to me, I would use only DMS. Between Kevin, his designers, and the rest of the staff they make every job go smoothly. As a framer, that means a lot when it comes to time and production on a job.

Justin Gerdis
Owner – Justin Construction

DMS Building Components has been one of my favorite vendors. Very reliable, quick turn around, either on engineering or trusses. Most of my roofs tend to be very complicated and everything doesn’t always work out in real life like it does in two dimensional lines. The best part is that when something is overlooked or missed, it is the first priority of DMS to take care of the problem before finishing what they are working on.

The size of the workforce is perfect for my needs. Whether it’s one of my million dollar homes or a simple one car garage package, they can take care of me. I know everyone in the office by name and extent of talent within a couple of jobs, and know where to focus my energy in taking care of things. It’s nice to know that I don’t have to break in a new designer every time I start a new project. When I’ve used other truss companies in the past, I had to start over with a new face every job.

Flexible is the best word that describes them. They are small enough to take care of things personally, instead of handing it off to someone else. Plus, they can do the high dollar timber truss packages that most companies shy away from.

Even if they didn’t build one of the best products, I would still use them because their service is one of the best in the business.

Kyle Dickerson
President – Double Diamond Homes, Inc

Signature Homes by Steve Scott has been working with DMS for the past fifteen years; they are an integral part of our design process. We involve them in all of our roof construction thoughts. We have involved DMS with our visual timbers construction both structural and non-structural. Our goal is to have the end product look authentic. DMS has always accomplished this. We are proud to include this locally owned company as part of our team.

Stephen L. Scott
President – Signature Homes by Steve Scott

Over the last several years of working with DMS, I’ve realized their quality and customer service are unmatched in this industry. They’re an asset to any custom home framer. I’ve worked out exact delivery schedules for full and partial orders as well as specific stacking order of trusses. They have set the bar for our industry.

Their designers are as competent as any I’ve worked with. The ability to make modifications midway as well as any repairs needed and the diligence and quickness in which they get them done makes my life easier.

Dean Strouse
DG Strouse Custom Framing

Great to work with; knowledgeable group of people. Quick turnaround of truss layouts and responds quickly to questions. I appreciate your willingness to create cost effective and efficient roof layouts. Thanks, Kevin!

Kevin K. Christensen
FINELINE Design & Drafting, Inc.

DMS saved my bacon when I changed from TJI roof beams to trusses. I temporarily worked with two other major truss fabricators in the local area. Both were more expensive by at least 10%. More importantly, DMS recognized me as a DIY home builder and immediately identified design issues that would have resulted in cracked ceiling drywall under snow load. Neither of the other two companies realized this issue or took the time to make the corrections.

During construction of the house, DMS was very accommodating in modifying the truss dimensions to fit the as-built dimensions of a difficult plan and in specifying and ordering custom hangers to accommodate unusual angles. Upon installation of the trusses, it was discovered that two of them had been miss-specified (by me) and they immediately put replacement trusses into their schedule so that this mistake would have minimum impact on my progress.

In short, DMS rose to the challenge of a complex roof system. I recommend them highly for their proactive interaction with my design, their cost, and their ability to meet my schedule on short notice, after I decided against other suppliers. DMS is a relatively small operation, but they are first class.

Roger Moseley